Field Update

08 May 2016


Yesterday afternoon, a civilian from Bani Na’em village, east of Hebron, was killed with a live bullet that was fired by a person whom he had a fight with. This incident is part of the state of proliferation of weapons and assault on the rule of law plaguing in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), on Saturday afternoon, 07 May 2016, Faisal Mohammed Zaidat (53), from Bani Na’em village, east of Hebron, was hit with a live bullet fired by a member of the same family on grounds of a dispute that developed to using firearms.  After Mohammed’s death was announced, number of his family members attacked houses of the attacker’s relatives.  They set fire to six houses and seven cars. The Palestinian security services arrived at the scene and contained the situation while the civil defense crews extinguished the fire.

Police sources stated that the suspect fled; therefore, they could not arrest him.

PCHR condemns the killing of Zaidat and is deeply concerned over the increasing number of victims due to using firearms. Moreover, PCHR demands the competent authorities to take the necessary measures that would reduce the proliferation of arms and keep civilians safe and secure.