Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small Arms

Clashes between Armed Groups and Security Forces

Field Update

23 May 2006


Employee in the Jordanian Representative Office Killed & 11 Palestinians Injured in Armed Clashes in Gaza City

Armed clashes erupted in Gaza City between gunmen and police on the one hand and the newly-formed Executive Force formed by the Palestinian Minister of Interior. A Jordanian citizen working in the Jordanian Representative Office to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) was killed and 11 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were injured.

PCHR’s initial investigation indicates that at approximately 14:45 on Monday, 22 May 2006, a number of gunmen traveling in a white car opened fire at a group of the Executive Force near the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) building, near the Police Headquarters in Gaza City. The Executive Force members fired at the gunmen, who fled the scene. Shots reached the Police Headquarters, resulting in Policemen returning fire. Fierce clashes between the two sides and continued for nearly an hour, during which members of the Executive Force took the roofs of high buildings in the area. The gunmen in the white vehicle returned and opened fire at a group of the Executive Force in the Naser-Wehda intersection, without causing injuries.

The armed clashes resulted in the death of Khaled Faleh Hasan El-Radayda (54), a resident of the Jordanian city of Irbid. He worked as a driver in the Jordanian Representative Office to the PNA in Gaza city. He was killed as he drove in the crossfire, and was hit with a bullet to the head that killed him instantly. Eleven Palestinians, including ambulance driver Mahmoud El-Serhi, were injured, and taken to Shifa Hospital for treatment. The injuries were classified as moderate. In addition, a civilian jeep was burned during the clashes.

Prior to these clashes, gunmen fired at members of the Executive Force near “Mousa Arafat” building in Naser Quarter in Gaza City. One member of the Executive Force was injured. The identity of the injured and severity of the injury remain unknown. The Executive Force surrounded the building and searched for the assailants.

PCHR condemns the killing of the Jordanian citizen, and offers condolences to his family. The Centre reiterates its condemnation of the regrettable events that part of the security chaos plaguing the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and calls upon the PNA, represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate these incidents and bring the perpetrators to justice.