Security Chaos

Field Update

05 December 2007


Body of Gaza City Resident Found Killed in Khan Yunis

Yesterday morning unknown gunmen kidnapped Maher Hassouna from Gaza City. His body was later found in the area of the evacuated settlements in Khan Yunis.

PCHR’s preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 15:00 on Tuesday, 4 December 2007, shots were heard in the land previously occupied by the settlement of Nitzar Hazani. Several people investigated the area of the shooting. They found a body with gunshot marks and the eyes bound. In addition, they saw a black jeep leaving the area. The people who found the body contacted the police, who arrived and took the body to Naser Hospital in Khan Yunis. It was then transferred to the forensic department at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, where the body was identified as that of Maher Mohammad Ahmad Hassouna (46) from Gaza City. He was the owner of Hassouna Accounting Firm. He was killed by 6 bullets to the head and chest. The police found a note reading “we are from several families, and have executed Hassouna for violating honor.” It is noted that masked gunmen kidnapped Hassouna from Naser Quarter in Gaza City at 11:30 on the same day.

The police announced opening an investigation into the crime.

PCHR is very concerned over the continued falling of victims as a result of the security chaos plaguing the OPT. The Centre calls upon the PNA, represented by the Attorney-General, to seriously investigate these crimes, to prosecute the perpetrators, and to take effective steps to prevent their recurrence.