Field Update

Today at dawn, Unknown persons raided the office of Nofouz
al-Bakri, a journalist working for al-Hayat al-Jadida newspaper. They robbed the contents of the office,
including communication devices and private documents.


According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian
Centre for human Rights (PCHR), at approximately 01:30 on Wednesday, 22
September 2010, Nofouz Ateya al-Bakri, 35, a journalist from Khan Yunis town in
southern the Gaza Strip, received a phone call from someone who introduced
himself as a member of the Palestinian police.  He told her that her office in Gaza city was
robbed by unknown persons. Al-Bakri told
a PCHR fieldworker that her office is a leased apartment in Luzon apartment
building near al-Sha’beya intersection in the center of Gaza city.  According to al-Bakri, the unknown persons
stole a fax machine, a box that contains private documents and agendas and two


The Palestinian police arrived today morning at the office
and opened an investigation into the incident.


PCHR is concerned over this incident and calls upon the
office of the Attorney General to investigate it and bring perpetrators to