Field Update 


Jamal al-Gussein (14) died yesterday due to an internal explosion in his family
house in Tufah neighborhood, east of Gaza after sustaining injuries. This
incident is part of the phenomenon of the proliferation of weapons in the
occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).


to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) investigations, at approximately
18:30 on Wednesday, 11 June 2014, an explosion occurred at Jalal Rafat
al-Guseein’s house in Tufah neighborhood, east of Gaza. As a result, his son,
Khalil (14), died after sustaining injuries in different parts of his body.
Moreover, the explosion caused partial damages to the house.


to Ayyoub Abu Sha’ar, the spokesman of the Palestinian Police, the
aforementioned explosion was internal and the police have not identified the
details of the incident so far. The police continues its investigations into
the incident.


condemns this incident, which is part of the state of proliferation of weapons
and assaults against the rule of law in the oPt.  PCHR calls upon the Palestinian Authority to
take necessary measures to protect civilians and spare them the dangers arising
from weapons and suspicious objects.