Sunday, 23 February 2015, unknown persons placed two hand grenades in front of
the entrance to an apartment belonging to a member of Fatah movement in ‘Ein
Jalout housing project in Nussairt refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, but
the grenades did not explode.  The police
were informed and arrived at the scene to open an investigation into the
incident.  The Palestinian Centre for Human
Rights (PCHR) is concerned over a series of similar incidents and other recent
attacks that forebode a possible return to the state of security chaos to the
Gaza Strip.  PCHR reiterates its call to
the competent authorities to open investigations into these attacks and search
for perpetrators and bring them before justice.


to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 09:00 on Sunday, 22 February 2015,
‘Issam Ahmed Mohammed Abu Gom’ah (52), a Fatah member, found two hand grenades
in his house in ‘Ein Jalout housing project in al-Nussairat refugee camp.  He said that his daughter found a black sack
hanging on the house door when she was on her way out to school in the morning.  Therefore, she took the sack inside without
knowing what it is.  Abu Gom’ah said to a
PCHR fieldworker that when he knew about the sack inside his house, he
immediately opened it to find two "Mils" hand grenades inside.  Abu Gom’ah added that he immediately called
the police, so officers of the Investigation Service and members of the
Engineering Corps and Internal Security arrived and took the two grenades with
them.  The police opened an investigation
into the incident and questioned his daughter when she came back from school.


strongly condemns this attack and calls upon the competent authorities to search
for the perpetrators and bring them before justice.  PCHR also warns of returning to the state of
security chaos in the Gaza Strip in light of the recent escalation of such