Ha'aretz Article on the Pursuit of War Criminals using the principle of Universal Jurisdiction

Attached is an article published in Ha’aretz, relating to the pursuit of alleged war criminals in foreign courts, acting under the legal principle of universal jurisdiction.

Daniel Machover is head of the civil litigation department at Hickman & Rose solicitors. He specializes in international human rights law, and civil actions. In 2001, he received the Margery Fry Award from the Howard League for Penal Reform for ‘ensuring the protection of prisoners through tenacious pursuit of legal remedies’. In 1988, Daniel Machover co-founded Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, and he is committed to actively pursuing potential legal remedies in the UK and the EU for Palestinian victims of alleged Israeli human rights abuses. PCHR have a longstanding relationship with Daniel Machover, and Hickman & Rose solicitors, having worked on a number of cases together, including Almog, Ya’alon, and Ayalon. PCHR and Hickman & Rose are actively cooperating in an effort to protect victims’ rights and to ensure that those suspected of violating international law are investigated, tried, and prosecuted.

For the article, please refer to http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1123814.html.