Bertha Justice Fellowship Project in Partnership with PCHR

The Project:

The project is applied by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) in cooperation with the Bertha Foundation to host 6 fresh law graduates from the Gaza Strip to be trained at PCHR for 2 years. The program aims at preparing Palestinian lawyers to use international mechanisms (International Jurisdiction and International Criminal Court) as part of a plan to increase the number of young lawyers all over the world to defend the human rights and justice.

Bertha Justice Fellowship funded by Bertha Foundation with its head office in London fights for a more just world by recruiting the rule of law. Bertha Foundation also supports activists, storytellers, and lawyers who are working to bring about social and economic justice and human rights for all.

PCHR’s Relation with Bertha Justice Foundation:

PCHR’s relation with Bertha Justice Foundation is back to 2013, during which Bertha Foundation has been keen to support PCHR, particularly in its efforts exerted to challenge the war criminals’ impunity of and achieve accountability for their violations of the international humanitarian law, including the efforts before the International Criminal Court, by transferring PCHR’s lawyers’ experiences to the second generation of lawyers.

The partner foundation along with PCHR has carried out several joint projects and activities and exchanged experiences in the field of the international criminal prosecution, which was represented in the training project for the fresh lawyers and the visits organized by Bertha Foundation for PCHR’s lawyers to transfer PCHR’s accumulating experience in the field of using the International Jurisdiction Principle in prosecuting perpetrators of international crimes committed in the Gaza Strip.

It should be noted that PCHR along with Bertha Justice Foundation has implemented a training program for the fresh lawyers for the third time in a row since 2013. The project targets 6 new female and male lawyers each time to train them in the field of the International Criminal Law and achieving international justice and victims’ right to remedy and reparations.

PCHR that hosts the new trainee lawyers works on training them within a specialized program in the field of international human rights law and international criminal law, enabling them to understand the legal and practical frameworks of PCHR’s work and emerging them practically, usefully and effectively.