International staff members play an integral role in PCHR’s work.  At any given time there maybe up to 4 international staff members – some contract employees and some interns.  PCHR’s internship program:

– Provides interns with an understanding of overall human rights issues in the OPT and an overview of mechanisms available within and to a local human rights organization;

– Enhances the intern’s skills with concrete experience;

– Draws from the experience of students or graduates of various cultures, skills and backgrounds.


Background required

Applicants are required to have:

– A degree in international human rights law, international humanitarian law, or international criminal law;


–  A degree in a relevant social science, with a special focus on human rights, conflict, the Middle East and/or the OPT;


– A degree in multimedia and/or design, with a focus on advocacy or campaign work.


All applicants should be fluent in English and possess advanced drafting skills, as well as solid proficiency in MS Word. Preference will be given to interns who have relevant working experience. Arabic language skills are a plus.



Interns are assigned to the various PCHR Units according to the needs of the office and their own areas of interest. They are involved in drafting analytical papers, reports, editing, press releases, and researching human rights issues.


Dates and duration of the internship program

Internships last for a minimum of three months and can be extended in agreement with the administration of PCHR.


Access to the Gaza Strip

Due to the ongoing closure imposed on the Gaza Strip, gaining access to the Gaza Strip often proves to be very difficult, however not impossible. Please note that PCHR cannot facilitate your entry through the Israeli controlled Erez checkpoint or the Rafah crossing with Egpyt.



PCHR provides interns with accommodation, often shared with other interns. In addition, PCHR reimburses the airfare upon the intern’s arrival in Gaza.


Application Procedure

In order to apply for an internship please send the following documents to

–  Your resumé;

–  Cover letter;

–  An unedited English writing sample on a human rights related topic.


Please note the following application deadlines and start dates for internship:


Application deadline Interview period Start date internship
1 August 15-20 August 1 October
1 February 15-20 February 1 April