A central principle of PCHR’s work is that a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the region, as well as the healthy development of Palestinian society, must be built on a foundation of respect for human rights and democratic principles.

Since 1994 the OPT has been governed loosely according to the principles and administrative institutions established under the 1994 Oslo Accords signed between the Palestinian Liberation Organisation and Israel. Having conducted extensive legal assessment of the human rights situation within the OPT since the implementation of the Accords, PCHR concludes that fundamental human rights values have not been an integral part of the political structures established.

PCHR deems that the Oslo Accords and the subsequent political negotiations will not challenge the Israeli occupation of the OPT and its resulting human rights abuses. In the years following Oslo, Israeli settlements and military installations have dramatically expanded and solidified their presence within the OPT and the apartheid regime of separation and discrimination between Israeli’s and Palestinians has been strengthened. As such, the Oslo process has sacrificed human rights values in the name of political expediency, ignoring the inalienability of Palestinian human rights.

The result has been neither human rights nor an improved political situation for Palestinians resident both inside and outside the OPT. The essential conditions for any just resolution of the Palestinian question: the right of return for Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes of origin, a state based on 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem and the removal of Israeli settlers from all of the OPT, have become compromised with time.

The challenges related to the ongoing deterioration of the human rights situation in the OPT has intensified the need for a strong civil society informed by democratic human rights ideals, democratic institutions and a just legal system. PCHR works to defend human rights standards in the OPT from abuses by Israeli occupation forces. We are also committed to monitoring de facto Palestinian authority’s observance of international human rights norms and democratic practices.

PCHR strongly believes that any political solution to the Palestinian question not based on human rights is neither just nor sustainable. We will continue, through monitoring, reporting and advocacy, to demand of Palestinian authorities and the international community that the highest level of protection is given to Palestinians, leading to Palestinian self-determination and independence as in accordance with international law and UN resolutions.