Ref: 48/2017


With the participation of 28 female workers in the Social Affairs Ministry’s Al-Aman Shelter for Women, the Women’s Unit at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) concluded a training course on Security and Wellbeing on 28 and 29 November in Blue Beach Resort.

The training course program included the concepts of self-care, wellbeing and security; and exercises to strengthen the sense of self and security within the work and family environment.  The program also tackled the challenges and threats facing the female workers in their work, particularly those providing service for female victims of violence.


The training sessions were supervised by Majedah Shehadah, a social researcher at the Women’s Unit, who emphasized the importance of such training, particularly for those working in the field of protecting women subject to violence, and especially female workers in Al-Aman Shelter. She added that the training course is part of the cooperation and networking between the Women’s Unit and al-Aman Shelter and within the activities carried out by the Unit in the framework of 16 Days of Activism Campaign to End Violence against Women and Girls.

At the end of the course, Hanadi ‘Akilah, Director of Al-Aman Shelter, praised the training and appreciated PCHR’s efforts to organize such courses, stressing their importance, particularly for the female workers in al-Aman Shelter who deal with the female victims of violence.

The participants also stressed the importance of these courses in contributing to making a positive change in their concepts and intervention with female victims of violence.

It should be mentioned that this course is the second of its kind carried out by the Women’s Unit for the female workers at Al-Aman Shelter in the field of Security and Wellbeing in this year.