The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
has taken the unprecedented step, in the name of human dignity, of calling upon
FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, to intervene, to save the life of Palestinian
National Footballer Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Sarsek.


A member of the Palestinian National Football
team, Al-Sarsek is now on the 86th day of hunger strike in protest
at his detention without charge by Israeli authorities. His life is perilously
at risk as he slips in and out of consciousness.


In a letter to Mr 
Blatter, PCHR Director and
leading Human Rights campaigner Raji Sourani pleads…


“We urge you to use all available means,
including approaching the relevant Israeli authorities, to save the life of Mr
Al-Sarsek and help him return again to the football pitch.”


He goes on to say..


“Your voice will constitute a message of hope
for the thousands around the world who believe that sport, and football in
particular, can contribute to enhancing human dignity.”





attached document for more information