Ref: 76/2012


On Monday morning, 24 September 2012, the Palestinian Center for Human
Rights (PCHR) received Mr. Axel Wernhoff, Consul General of Sweden, and Ms.
Johanna Strömquit, Consul Political Affairs. 


The two visitors met with Mr. Hamdi Shaqqura, Deputy Director of PCHR
for Program Affairs, who briefed them on developments of the human rights
situation in the occupied Palestinian territory. The focus of the meeting was
the repercussion of the continued policy of collective punishment adopted by
Israel against the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip, and human
rights violations in the West Bank, including, but not limited to, the
escalation in settlement activities, land confiscation and arbitrary detention.


Mr. Shaqqura pointed out that the Israeli occupation is the major reason
for the continuous deterioration of the human rights situation. He also
stressed the importance of the role that can be played by Sweden, Europe and
the international community to put an end to Israeli violations of Palestinian
human rights, and the to compel Israeli to respect international


The meeting was further used to discuss the Palestinian split and its
ramifications on the Palestinian Authority and the structure of the Palestinian
society.  Mr. Shaqqura underscored the
importance of supporting efforts to achieve reconciliation, and pointed out
that  it is the only way to stop
deterioration of public liberties in the occupied Palestinian territory.