Ref: 97/2012


Upon an invitation by the Palestinian Centre
for Human Rights (PCHR), on Friday, 14 December 2012, 4 international legal
experts arrived in the Gaza Strip through Rafah International Crossing Point to
assist in investigations initiated by PCHR into crimes committed by Israeli
forces during the recent offensive on the Gaza Strip.  


Shortly after their arrival, the experts held
meetings with Mr. Raji Sourani, Director of PCHR, and staff members of PCHR’s
Legal Aid Unit.  The experts’ agenda
includes visiting a number of locations where crimes were committed in the
context of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip (14-21 November 2012).  They will meet with eyewitnesses, families of
victims and local experts.


Mr. Sourani stated that these experts are judges,
lawyers and investigators from Norway, the UK and Ireland, who were invited by
PCHR.  "PCHR’s staff had already
initiated investigations into crimes committed by Israeli forces during the
offensive, and the experts will assist in adapting such investigations and
legal files to internationally recognized standards," Mr. Sourani
added.  He further pointed out that PCHR
is currently building legal files to be usable before the International
Criminal Court and/or to prosecute Israeli war criminals before national courts
of various countries around the world according to the principle of universal


The experts will stay in the Gaza Strip until
19 December.