This report documents the conditions of the commercial border crossings related to the movement of persons during November 2016.  This report emphasizes that Israeli closure imposed on the Gaza Strip has been intensified during the reporting period as the quantity of goods that were allowed to enter the Gaza Strip unprecedentedly declined. The imports in November constitute 61% of the total imports in August. Moreover, Gaza’s exports did not exceed 5.5% of the total exports before imposing the closure in 2007. This report shows that sever restrictions imposed on the entry of about 400 types of goods to the Gaza Strip; most of them are basic goods and raw materials.  As for the construction materials required for the Gaza Reconstruction and civilians’ daily needs, the Israeli authorities imposed restrictions on their entry.  They only allowed the entry of 75,872 tons of cement, 9561 tons of construction steel and 267,832 tons of construction aggregate (5%, 1.9% and 8.9% of total needs).  Moreover, the Israeli authorities continued to decrease the entry of cooking gas into the Gaza Strip as around 163.5 tons were entered (only 46.7% of the total needs of cooking). the movement of goods from and into the Gaza Strip suffered many obstacles, including closure of the only commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip “Kerem Abu Salem” for 8 days (26.6% of the total days).


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