Ref: 8/2014


On Sunday, 16 February 2014, the Popular
Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) organized a ceremony to Honor Lawyer
Raji Sourani, Director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), for
winning the “Alternative Noble Prize”.  The
ceremony was held in Laterna Restaurant in Gaza City; and civil society
organizations, academics and representations of Islamic and national forces


Dr. Rabah Muhana, Member of the PFLP
Political Bureau, delivered a speech, in which he  honored Mr. Raji Sourani  in appreciation for his distinctive role in
defending human rights and for conveying the message of our people and their
suffering.  Dr.  Muhanna emphasized that although this prize
honors Mr. Raji and PCHR, it also honors all the Palestinian people.  He added that this prize is a popular prize,
that it is an alternative for the official Nobel Prize, which is politicized
and unjustly granted for persons.


Mr. Raji Sourani thanked those who were
responsible for organizing the ceremony. He stated that “the prize has great
significance as it sends a strong message to the free world to support the
Palestinians. It is a triumph for the agony and hardships experienced by
Palestinians for over a decade. The prize is yet another message to continue
the struggle for the achievement of the Palestinian goals.”  He dedicated this prize to the spirit of the
martyrs of al-Samouni, al-Dayah and Huda Ghalia Familes.