Ref: 26/2016


On Tuesday, 19 July 2016, in cooperation with the Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), the Palestinian Center for Human Rights’ (PCHR) Women’s Unit organized a lecture titled “Women’s rights and Gender -Based Violence” in PCHR’s Khan Younis branch office.  Fifteen directors of organizations interested in women and children rights and female family chiefs working in the southern area attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the meeting, Majedah Shehadah, a researcher at the Women’s Rights Unit, welcomed the audience.  She then pointed out that the meeting would shed light on women’s rights and gender-based violence issues, adding that this topic receives special attention from women’s organizations.

Lawyer Hanan Matter, Acting Director of the Women’s Unit, reviewed the Unit’s work and cases handled by the Unit before the Sharia Courts.  Matter also addressed the judicial precedents achieved by the Unit for women and never achieved by other organizations working in the same field. She also displayed laws adopted and related to women’s rights issues in the Gaza Strip.  At the end of her intervention, she stressed the local community role in supporting women’s organizations.

Saber al-Nerab, Human Rights Officer in OHCHR-Gaza, emphasized that such purposeful meetings should be held to raise awareness on women’s rights issues and to enhance cooperation and coordination between the grassroots organizations and local and international human rights organizations.  He added that this is the first meeting to be held in this year as similar panel discussions but with different titles were held last year.

The lecture program included 3 interventions.  The first one was titled, “OHCHR’s Working Mechanism in Monitoring and Documenting Women’s Violations and Promoting Women’s Rights” presented by Paula Simas Magalhães, Human Rights Officer at United Nations OHCHR-Palestinian Territory, International Affairs.  The second was titled, “Human Rights and Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)” presented by Saber al-Nerab.  The third was titled, “Cases of Gender-Based Violence, Intervention and Assistance” and presented by Dr. Tariq Mukheimar, Human Rights Officer in OHCHR Gaza office.

The lecture was concluded by a number of recommendations presented by the participants, including:

  1. such meetings should be periodically held and
  2. PCHR should play a leading role in raising women’s political awareness in the next stage before the local council elections.