On its 20th anniversary and with the beginning of the New Year, the Palestinian Centre for human Rights (PCHR) launched its new updated website. Establishing a new website is part of PCHR’s continuous keenness and efforts to develop its performance, especially as the website connects PCHR with the audience and the world.

The new website design has a number of characteristics, including the ability to easily deal with social media websites and share materials and subjects especially photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The new website is also unique for its high technique that automatically suits smart phones and their applications. Moreover, the website provides easy and effective communication with the audience, sharing of news and information available on PCHR’s webpage and the ability to express opinions and write comments. The website also includes relative links and websites, which makes it easier for the researcher to have access to information.

PCHR depends mainly on the website to disseminate information on human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) around the world, as PCHR display through the website all its press releases, reports, studies and activities in both Arabic and English. According to PCHR’s follow-up of the website visitors, the number of website visits reached 1,500,000 in 2015. Moreover, PCHR posts its publications as well on its Facebook and Twitter pages. The number of followers on Facebook reached 35,500 while on Twitter 9,285 followers.

Since its establishment 15 years ago, the website has kept up with the latest updates of technology. PCHR hopes via this new update to offer the best performance in terms of form and content in order to serve the Palestinian community. It is expected that the new design increases the number of visitors and their interaction due to the new update made on the website.

You can visit the new PCHR’s website on the same address: