Ref: 52/2015


The Training Unit at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) concluded two training courses in the field of human rights during the past two weeks in Rafah and Khan Younis.

The first 20-hour training course was held in cooperation with the National Association for Democracy and Human Rights in Rafah in the hall of Palestine Technology University, Rafah branch, in the period 07-14 September 2015. Twenty-six volunteers in the center and university students participated in the course. The second 20-hour training course was held in cooperation with Riyada Society for Development in Khan Younis in the society’s hall in al-Fakhari neighborhood in the period 14-17 September 2015. Twenty-two university graduators and volunteers in the society participated in the course. The aforementioned courses are part of a two-year project funded by the EU entitled “Promoting Human Rights and Freedom of Access to Information in the Gaza Strip”.

The programs of the courses covered the following topics: introduction to human rights, International Bill of Human Rights (the International Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convent on Civil and Political Rights and the International Convent on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights), Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women ,Universal Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, Convention on the Rights of the Child, international humanitarian law and the mechanisms of monitoring and documenting the violations of human rights.

A team of specialized trainers supervised the training sessions.  The team included Mr. Bassam al-Aqra’, director of PCHR’s Training Unit; Ms. Majeda Shehada, a researcher at PCHR’s Women’s Rights Unit; Mr. Yaser Abed al-Gafour, a field researcher at PCHR; Ahlam Meimah, a lawyer a PCHR’s Legal Unit; Dr. Ibrahim Mo’amar  in the National Association for Democracy and Human Rights; Mr. Ramzi al-Najjar from the Prisoners’ Supporters Society; Mr. Moneer al-Buhdari, from Charitable Solidarity Society; and Mr. Mohammed Abu Se’dah and Ms. Maisaa Wafi, from Reyada Society. It is noteworthy that six of the trainers participated in a human rights TOT program recently organized by PCHR.

Mr. Bassam al-Aqra’, director of PCHR’s Training Unit, stressed the depth of the relationship between the center and community-based organizations in the Gaza Strip, noting that it is a partnership relationship, aimed at helping youth and volunteers in these organizations and giving them theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of human rights. Al-Aqra added that this course is part of PCHR’s efforts to disseminate and promote the culture of human rights in the Palestinian society, to raise the awareness of trainees in the field of human rights and develop their knowledge and practical capabilities. He also emphasized that PCHR’s door will always be open to the participants to benefit from PCHR’s experience.


The participants explained that the course contributed to raising their awareness of the concepts of human rights and international human rights law and humanitarian law. They also praised the trainers’ efficiency and the various and interactive training methods they used which enriched the course.