Ref: 35/2015


On Wednesday, 17 June 2015, the Training Unit at the Palestinian
Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and the Solidarity Charitable Association
concluded a training course in the field of human rights. The Training Unit
organized a closing ceremony at the end of the course, which is part of a
two-year project funded by the EU entitled "Promoting Human Rights and
Freedom of Access to Information in the Gaza Strip". The 20-hour course
was held at the Solidarity Charitable Association’s office in Rafah in the
period from 13-17 June 2015. The training targeted 23 participants from the
Association’s members and volunteers.

The training covered the following topics: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Convention on the Rights
of the Child, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination
against Women, Universal Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against
Women and the draft of Youth Care

A team of specialized trainers supervised the training
sessions.  The team included Mr. Bassam al-Aqra’, Director of PCHR’s
Training Unit; Mr. Abdul Halim Abu Samrah, Public Relations Officer at PCHR’s
office in Khan Yunis; Ms. Mai Abu Ghali, from Solidarity Association; and Mr.
Monir al-Bahdari, also from Solidarity Association.

Mr. Abu Samrah stated, "This course was part of a long-term
effort by PCHR to promote human rights in Palestinian society in cooperation
with community-based organizations"
. He added, "The relation
between PCHR and the participants should continue even after the course
finishes, stressing that PCHR is open for everybody to learn from its

In the same context, Mr. Yusef Abu Amrah, Director of the
Solidarity Charitable Association, highlighted the importance of holding
similar courses by PCHR for the experience, confidence and reputation it has in
the field of human rights. He added that this course proved it, as 2 members
from the Association had participated in facilitating the training after they
received training of trainers’ course in the field of human rights that was
held by PCHR earlier.

The participants appreciated PCHR’s efforts to disseminate the
culture of human rights. They added that the course was characterized by the
variation of its rich topics that increased their awareness of human rights.
Furthermore, they appreciated the course and praised the dedication of the
trainers and the use of diverse interactive training methods.

the end of the ceremony, Mr. Abdul Halim Abu Samrah and Mr. Yusef Abu Amrah
distributed certificates among the participants