Ref: 14/2007

Date: 18 March  2007


PCHR Joins the World Coalition against the Death Penalty

On Sunday, 18 March 2007, PCHR received a letter from Celine Bretel from the World Coalition against the Death Penalty stating that the Coalition has accepted the Center’s membership in its meeting of 9 March 2007.

It is noted that the World Coalition was established in Rome in May 2002, and includes more than 50 NGO’s, Bar Associations, local councils, and unions that are united in their opposition to the death penalty worldwide. The Coalition advocates and lobbies for the abolition of the death penalty, and contributes to the efforts to eradicate it worldwide.

It is noted that PCHR strongly opposes the death penalty as it constitutes a flagrant violation to the right to life. The Centre works to abolish this cruel and inhumane punishment in the OPT, by working on two fronts. The first being against the death penalty in the PNA; and the second against extra-judicial executions by Israeli Occupation Forces.

PCHR welcomes the World Coalition’s acceptance of its membership, and hopes to contribute to the efforts to abolish the death penalty in Palestine and the rest of the world.