Thursday, 18 September 2014, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
organized a workshop on the abolishment of death penalty for a group of
journalists in cooperation with the Journalists’ Forum in Rafah in the south of
the Gaza Strip. The workshop was attended by 20 journalists and graduates of
media college from both sexes, including 15 female journalists and graduates.
They discussed their viewpoints and opinions about the death penalty and the
need to abolish it. Mohammed Abu Hashem, a legal researcher and human right
activist at PCHR, facilitated the workshop.


workshop addressed a number of topics, the most prominent of which were: death
penalty in the international and domestic laws; guarantees to apply death
penalty under international and local standards; controversy over the
abolishment of death penalty; and the legal and objective justification of
PCHR’s objection to death penalty in the Palestinian legislations.


workshop comes in the context of PCHR’s efforts to abolish the death penalty.
PCHR pays attention to journalists in particular as they play an important role
in affecting the public opinion and decision makers.


should be noted that this workshop is part of a project implemented by PCHR in
cooperation with the German Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority.