Ref: 18/2015


The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) follows up with deep
concern the death of a detainee in a detention cell of the Palestinian Military
Intelligence Service in Hebron yesterday and calls for conducting an impartial
and serious investigation and publishing its results as soon as possible. PCHR
calls also for prosecuting the public servants working in the detention
facility if it is judicially proven that there was negligence or failure to
preserve the detainee’s life.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately
20:30 on Wednesday, 08 April 2015, Hebron Hospital pronounced Rabee’ Mahmoud Mousa
al-Jamal "Abu Snaina" (37), from southern Hebron, dead as he
sustained burns because the cell in which he was detained alone was burnt.

At approximately 19:30, a detention cell caught fire in the
headquarters of the Military Intelligence Service in Ein Arab Street in the
center of Hebron without identifying the reason of that fire. As a result,
Rabee’ al-Jamal, first assistant at the Palestinian Preventive Security
Service, who was detained on the same day, passed away. Al-Jamal was taken to
Hebron Hospital and was pronounced dead. His corpse was referred to Abu Dees
Forensic Medicine Institute, but no results have been published so far.

PCHR learnt that the Palestinian Authority declared forming an inquiry
commission consisting of five members, who are the chiefs of security services
in the city.

Following the death of the abovementioned person, security backups arrived
at the scene, where angry civilians set fire to tires in different streets of
the city. Besides, heavy gunfire was heard in some neighborhoods. Later on, in
the early morning, a 10-day truce was reached between the victim’s family and
security services.