Ref: 46/2010



Yesterday, 21 April 2010, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
received the Attaché of the European Union (EU) dealing with Human Rights
project in the OPT, Estelle Kadouch, accompanied by Natach Mathy of Oxfam



Kadouch is in charge of overseeing the implementation of the project
"Improving Awareness and Respect for Human Rights in the OPT" which
PCHR launched at the beginning of this year and which is funded by the EU and
Oxfam Novib.

The visit of the representatives began with a field visit to areas in
the northern Gaza Strip that were particularly affected by destruction during
the latest Israeli offensive, including Beit Layiha, Atatra, Ezbed Abed Rabbo
and the Industrial Zone east of Gaza City.


The two visitors were accompanied on their tour by the Project Manager
Jaber Wishah, as well staff members of the Fieldwork, and International Units.
On the tour, the visitors witnessed firsthand the destruction of bombed
residential neighborhoods and industrial facilities as well as razed
agricultural areas. They heard the testimony of a farmer who lost his farmland
and house in Israeli attacks and who is represented by PCHR’s Legal Unit.

The visitors also attended an awareness-raising lecture conducted as an
activity in the framework of the project, organized by PCHR’s Training Unit and
hosted by the Creative Women’s Association. The lecture dealt with the topic of
women’s political participation.

Following that,the visitors met with the directors of PCHR’s Units at
PCHR main office in Gaza City. Each unit director presented the work of his or
her unit and the activities implemented in the frame of the project. Finally,
the guests met with the project management to discuss technical and procedural
matters of the project "Improving Awareness and Respect for Human Rights
in the OPT."

Reflecting on the visit, Kadouch said she was glad to have had the
chance to meet beneficiaries and attend activities implemented by the project.
She stated: "I was very impressed by the efforts at the management level
of the project. It was an honor to meet the senior PCHR staff members who are
responsible for the work of the Centre, which I have been following for a long