Today, 29 September 2010, the UN Human Rights Council
voted to defer international criminal justice. In a resolution drafted by the
Palestinian Authority, the Council voted to extend the mandate of the Committee
of Experts, and prolong domestic processes that have been proved ineffective.


As representatives
of Palestinian victims of international law violations committed by Israeli
forces – before, during, and after last year`s offensive – the Palestinian
Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) and ,,, (FIDH) will continue to use all
available legal mechanisms to represent
the best interest of victims and to fight impunity, including through universal
jurisdiction, the International Criminal Court, and UN mechanisms. We have no
right to allow politics to take precedence over the rule of law and victims`
legitimate, non-derogable rights.


For the second time, PCHR and FIDH jointly submitted case
files to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court. These cases
provide clear evidence indicating the commission of international crimes during
Israel`s 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip. Those
implicated in these crimes served at the highest levels of Israel`s political
and military establishment.


It is imperative that the Office of the Prosecutor
expedite the decision regarding the International Criminal Court`s jurisdiction
over crimes committed in Palestine, and prevent the establishment of an
effective zone of impunity, beyond the reach of enforceable international
criminal law.