International Federation of Journalists
(IFJ) today called on the international
community to investigate deliberate attacks by Israeli military against media
buildings in Gaza.


At least six journalists were injured, including cameraman Khader
al Zarah who lost a leg after their offices came under sustained bombing
Israel’s military which targeted in the early hours of Sunday Al Shawa
and Husari where several media
organisations, including Hamas’ TB Al Quds TV, Al Qudsa radio, Maan
network and
many other radio stations are based. Another media facility, the
Asshurouq building, which houses Sky, ITN, Al Arabiya TV and Abu Dhabi
TV was also attacked.

"We demand a full inquiry by the United
Nations to investigate the attacks and to take action against the Government of
Israel," said Jim Boumelha, IFJ President. "The international community must
respond immediately to this outrage. The rights of journalists in conflict
zones have been particularly highlighted by the United Nations and members
states cannot stand by when one state acts in a reckless and dangerous

The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS)
condemned the bombing and the National Federation of Israeli Journalists
(NFIJ), has called for the respect of journalists’ safety.

The Israeli authorities reportedly told the
Foreign Press Association in Israel that the army targeted the antenna on the
media buildings but journalists who escaped from the Al Quds TV building told
the PJS affiliate that three floors of the building were bombed.

The IFJ says that these recent attacks serve as
a reminder of the government’s failure to protect journalists covering armed
conflicts.  The Federation recalls a
similar direct assault on media houses took place the 22-day
military offensive by the Israeli army on Gaza in 2009.


The issue of journalists’ protection  is scheduled to be debated at a UN Inter-agency meeting in
Vienna next week and the Federation is urging the UN to take governments to
task over their international obligations on this matter.

"The reckless intimidation of media by the Israeli Defense Force on
a shocking scale should not go unpunished. If it does, it leaves journalists
and media exposed to the threat of attack in any conflict at any time in the
future," added Boumelha.


For more information, contact the IFJ on + 32 2 235 2207

The IFJ represents more than 600.000 members in 134 countries