Documentary: Justice and Accountability in Gaza


This is a documentary about the struggle for justice for victims of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The film follows the work of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) as it attempts to achieve justice for those victims it represents. Some of those victims of Israel’s military offensive of 2008-2009 (‘Operation Cast Lead’) tell their stories. It illustrates the perpetuated impunity that exists within the Israeli legal system. Of the 490 criminal complaints PCHR filed to the Israeli Military Prosecutor, on behalf of 626 victims, the vast majority remained unanswered or without any form of investigation or prosecution.

 As the Israeli legal system fails Palestinian victims, PCHR also resorts to the legal principle of universal jurisdiction, filing cases in foreign jurisdictions to seek the investigation and prosecution of suspected Israeli war criminals. One of such suspects is General Doran Almog, the commanding General of the Israeli forces in Gaza from 2000 to 2003. On
September 10, 2005, Almog became well known internationally for escaping arrest for suspected war crimes in Heathrow airport. This short film follows the case of Almog and the use of the law universal jurisidiction to achieve justice for Gaza. The failed arrest sparked a international debate on the politics that are prioritized over international justice. Almog’s near arrest changed the course of history for future generations of Israelis and for a few human rights lawyers it challenged one of the biggest militaries in the world simply by
using the rule of law.

  This documentary was funded by PCHR and Trocaire , and produced by Irish film maker Dearbhla Glynn.