This report documents the impact of the ongoing Israel-imposed siege on Palestinian civilians, which affects their economic and social conditions.  This report also reveals the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.  Thus, this report exposes the real conditions of the Gaza population and the Israeli closure imposed on all Gaza’s crossings for 9 years.  It refutes Israel’s claims that it has eased the closure of the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, the report highlights that the continuing Israeli measures aim to the institutionalization of the closure and making the illegal restrictions imposed on the movement of persons and goods acceptable on the international level although they violate the international law, including the international humanitarian and human rights
laws. The report shows that the Israeli closure is the main obstacle for any development or reconstruction process in the Gaza Strip and the main cause of the humanitarian crisis and deterioration on the economic and social levels. The following are the most significant developments relevant to Gaza’s border crossings during the reporting period, 01 June – 31 July 2015:


The full report is available online at: