29 September 2000 – 28 September 2001



Israeli violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories since the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada have not been limited to the killing of Palestinian civilians, bombardment of residential areas and the imposition of a total siege as a means of collective punishment. Israeli occupation forces have also razed large areas of Palestinian agricultural land and have demolished houses and civilian facilities in both the areas under their control and those under the control of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian land adjacent to settlements, bypass roads, borders and Israeli military locations have been especially targeted by Israeli occupation forces.

This is the 6th specialized report by PCHR on leveling of land and demolition of houses and civilian facilities by Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip. It covers the period 29 September 2000 to 28 September 2001. During this period, Israeli occupation forces razed 13576 donums, about 11372 donums (84.3%) of which were agricultural lands, and about 2134 donums (15.7%) were wooded land.

These figures do not include the areas of houses and civilian and agricultural facilities established outside these areas, which were also swept and demolished. Israeli occupation forces destroyed hundreds of wells, water pumps, irrigation networks, agricultural stores and greenhouses. They also demolished dozens of bird farms and agricultural tools.


The full report is available PDF format.