The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) published its annual report for the year 2011.  The report covers the period from 01 January through 31 December 2011.  This is the sixteenth report in a series of annual reports that PCHR has published since 1996. 

 The report consists of two main parts.  The first part addresses the human rights situation in the Palestinian Occupied Territory (OPT), while the second part addresses PCHR’s activities in 2011.  The first part of the report documents war crimes and violations of international law and International Human Rights Law committed by the  Israeli occupation forces in the OPT during 2011.  It also documents human rights violations and obstacles facing democratization under the rule of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).  It further presents recommendations to the international community and to PNA (the two governments in Gaza and Ramallah). 

 The second part of the report reviews PCHR’s activities in 2011.  It first highlights the major issues of focus in PCHR’s activities in 2011, including following up developments related to the Report of the UN Fact-Finding  Mission on Gaza (the Goldstone Report); participation in sessions of the UN Human Rights Council; advocacy and lobbying towards the UN General Assembly; enhancing cooperation and coordination with human rights organizations; promoting cooperation with Palestinian civil society organizations; and promoting activities at the
regional level.  It further reviews the activities of PCHR’s various units and advocacy activities, including PCHR’s participation in international conferences and meetings, PCHR’s meetings with international delegations and representatives, PCHR’s interviews with the media as well as publications issued by PCHR during 2011. 

 The report is published in both Arabic and English is distributed widely at the local and international levels.  PCHR distributes the report to civil society organizations, local and international human rights organizations, governmental institutions, diplomatic missions, UN agencies, as well as to journalists and media outlets. 

 In addition to the report, PCHR has prepared a summary of the report. The report is available now on PCHR’s web site.  

 It should be noted that PCHR’s annual report contributes to raising awareness of the human rights conditions in the OPT and is the outcome of work over the course of an entire year.  Based on its legal status as a not-for-profit non-governmental organization providing free services, and its commitment to transparency, PCHR considers this report an obligation towards Palestinian society.