The High Court of Justice Suspended an Administrative Decision which Restricts

the Right to Peaceful Assembly

29th April, 2000


The 3 May 2000, The Palestinian High Court of Justice decided this morning to suspend the administrative decision of the Chief of Police which prohibited the holding of public meetings without his prior approval.

On 29 April 2000, the Court decided on this case brought before it by a group of Palestinian NGO’s and political parties, upon the initiative of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR). Adv. Raji Sourani, Director of PCHR, and Adv. Younis Al Jaru, Director of a private law firm, were representing the group, against the Palestinian Attorney General who represented the Chief of Police.

During today’s hearings, the lawyers asked the Attorney General to clarify the reasons behind such a police order. Furthermore the lawyers requested the suspension of the police order, until the final decision of the Court.

Moreover they demanded the cancellation of the police order as its contradicts Palestinian law (law 12/1998, on public meetings) and violates basic Human Rights – the right to peaceful assembly (For further details, please refer to the attached press release issued by PCHR on 29th February 2000)

In view of the above, the High Court of Justice ordered the attorney General to respond to its decision within 8 days. Another court’s session is expected within the next few weeks to decide on the legality on the police order.

The group of NGO’s and political parties which participate in the case against the Chief of Police, as represented by the Attorney general are as follows:

Non-governmental Organizations Political Parties

1) The Palestinian Center for Human Rights. 1) The Popular Front for the Liberation

2) Center for Democracy and Workers Rights. of Palestine.

3) Al Mizan Center for Human Rights. 2) The Palestinian Democratic Union

4) Al Dameer. (Feda).

5) Gaza Community Mental Health Program. 3) The Democratic Front for the

6) Red Crescent Association of the Gaza Strip. Liberation of Palestine.

4) The Palestinian People’s Party.

The group of Palestinian NGOs and Political Parties, expressed their deep satisfaction with regard to the Court’s decision. They moreover reaffirmed their commitment to the respect and promotion of the rule of law as well of the implementation of the Law no 12/1998 on public meetings, which constitutes the basic human right to peaceful assembly.