Press Release

Israeli Occupying Forces Continue their Crimes against Palestinian Civilians


Ref: 110/2000

Date: 12:00 GMT, October 1,2000


The Israeli occupying forces are continuing their flagrant violations against Palestinian civilians. PCHR field researchers have informed that some other civilians have been injured by the fire of the Israeli occupying forces today morning, Sunday, October 1,2000. The centers of clashes are Al-Tuffah Roadblock in Khan Younis, in the area adjacent to borders with Egypt in Rafah and at the crossroads of Netzarim Settlement in the middle area of Gaza Strip. About 20 people have been injured since the morning until midnoon, including the child Mohamed Sami El-Hams, 10 years old from Rafah, who was shot in the head and is in a very critical condition at Shefa’ Hospital; Yasser El-Shae’r, 10 years old from Rafah, who was shot in abdomen; and an unidentified child, who was shot in head and he is in a critical condition.

It is worth mentioning that at late night yesterday, Saturday September 30, 2000, Maher Rajab O’beid, 23 years old from Jabalia, who was injured by three bullets in his back shot by Israeli soldiers near the crossroads of Netzarim Settlement, was declared dead. Until today noon, the massacres committed by the Israeli occupying forces have resulted in the death of 17 people (13 in the West Bank and 4 in the Gaza Strip), in addition to more than 600 injuries, some of which are critical. Moreover, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has declared the death of two residents of the West Bank who have not been unidentified yet.

Investigations report that tens of injuries were in the upper part of the body, and targeted children under the age of 18. Helicopters were used to shoot fire and tear gas on civilians. Even the medical staffs in their uniforms and journalist, who were covering the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces, did not escape fire. Photographed reports on international TV’s revealed the hideousness of flagrant violations and crimes committed by the Israeli occupying forces, when they shot dead the child Mohammed Jamal Al-Derreh, 12 years old from Al-Boreij. The child was sheltering with his father from shooting by the Israeli soldiers near a wall. The child was killed in cold blood and his father was severely injured. These scenes prove the Israeli occupation forces’ flagrant violations, and excessive use of force and live ammunition against civilians indiscriminately.

Since yesterday, Israeli occupying forces closed all the crossings of Gaza Strip, and prohibited Palestinians from moving between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It has also imposed additional restrictions on the movement of people inside the Gaza Strip since the morning, as the have closed the so-called “Al-Tuffah Roadblock,” which links the city of Khan Younis with Al-Mawasi area in which more than 5,000 people live.

PCHR reiterates its condemnation of flagrant violations and horrible crimes committed by the Israeli occupying forces against Palestinian civilians. It, once again, call the UN special rapporteur to Palestinian and Arab occupied territories to visit the region and carry out ad hoc investigation in regard to the Israeli occupying forces flagrant violations. Moreover, PCHR reiterates its call the High Contracting Parties to Geneva Fourth Convention to stop the conspiracy of silence towards Israel’s blatant violations of the Convention, and to adopt necessary measures to protect Palestinian civilians.