Ref: 45/2012

Today, 15 April 2012, the Palestinian Centre for Human
Rights (PCHR) remembers Italian activist, Vitttorio Arrigoni, on the first
anniversary of his death in the Gaza Strip.


Arrigoni was kidnapped and murdered by an armed group
who are entirely unrepresentative of the people in the Gaza Strip and
Palestinian values and traditions.


Arrigoni had been working in Gaza since 2008, when he
arrived on board the "Free Gaza" flotilla, organized to break the
Israeli illegal closure imposed on the Gaza Strip. He devoted himself to
the Palestinian cause and participated in a number of peaceful and solidarity
activities against violations of Palestinian civilians’ human rights by Israeli
occupation authorities, including the illegal closure and “buffer zone” imposed
on the Gaza Strip. Arrigoni’s genuine commitment towards the human rights of
Palestinian civilians, particularly fishermen and peasants in the Gaza Strip
-who are amongst those most affected by the Israeli illegal practices and
policies-, is his legacy to the free world. 


Those suspected to be responsible for Arrigoni’s
kidnapping and killing are being tried by the Permanent Military Court in Gaza.


Lawyers from PCHR follow the case on the basis of a
power of attorney given to them by Arrigoni’s family and in coordination with
the latter’s representative, Attorney Gilberto Pagani. 


PCHR calls for a comprehensive and genuine resolution
of Arrigoni’s case, including all circumstances relating to his death, by the
Gaza judiciary.