Ref: 62/2012


In light of the declaration by the
Central Elections Commission (CEC) of its intention to update the electoral
register on 03 July 2012 and to open registration for local observation bodies,
the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) submitted, on Saturday, 02 June
2012, an application to be accredited by the CEC as a local observation body.


The CEC has resumed its activity in
the Gaza Strip in the past few days in preparation for the Palestinian presidential
and legislative elections.  This step was
taken as part of its efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.


In the coming period, and based on the
election timelines, PCHR will coordinate with a number of local organizations
in order to build a qualified observation team to cover the whole electoral
process, as PCHR has previous experience in this area.


It should be noted that PCHR has participated
as an observation body in all elections organized under the Palestinian
National Authority (PNA) since its establishment.  PCHR monitored the presidential and legislative
elections of 1996, the presidential elections of 2005 and the legislative elections
of 2006 in its capacity as an observation body accredited by the CEC.  PCHR has also monitored the elections of local
councils, which were organized at various stages, and published a number of
evaluation reports on the results of these elections.


PCHR supports all efforts exerted to
achieve Palestinian reconciliation, and hopes that these efforts will be
culminated with presidential and legislative elections under fair conditions
that reflect the will of the Palestinian electorate.