The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
welcomes the results of the Egyptian Presidential elections, which were
announced on 24 June 2012.  This election
was the first democratic presidential election in the Arab Republic of Egypt.  PCHR congratulates the Egyptian people for
this achievement, and considers it to be a milestone for democratic
transformation in Egypt and the Arab world.


are all looking forward to seeing post-revolution Egypt as a model for change
in the Arab world, moving towards a comprehensive democratic transformation aimed
at upholding human rights and maintaining the dignity of the Egyptian people.


are looking at the new Egyptian leadership with the hope that Egypt will continue
its role in supporting efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation, which
would put an end to the ongoing Palestinian split, restore respect to
Palestinian governance institutions and resume the democratic transformation that
was stopped, and even buried, following the Palestinian legislative elections of


We believe
that democracy represents power for Arabs and the Palestinian people, who aspire
for freedom from Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent state
with full sovereignty over their lands, like all other people of the world.


is time for the international community to support emerging Arab democracies
and make attempts to consolidate them.  There
should be a new stage of bilateral relationships between Arabs and the rest of
the world, in particular Europe and the United States, based on mutual respect and
dominated by support for human rights, freedom and justice.


is also time for the international community to reconsider all the illegal
policies adopted against the Palestinian National Authority and the Palestinian
people, including collective punishment measures imposed following the fair and
transparent legislative elections of January 2006.  Palestinian civilians have been paying a heavy
price for these policies and PCHR urges that these activities be stopped.