Ref: 104/2012


The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the injuring
of two children with live bullets by the Palestinian police while the latter
evacuated governmental lands, north of “Um Al Nasser” village (a Bedouin
village) yesterday.  While emphasizing
the need to uphold the rule of law both in principle and practice, PCHR calls
upon the government in Gaza to open a credible investigation into the excessive
use of force by law enforcement officials, and to publish the investigation’s


According to the PCHR’s investigations and statements of
eyewitnesses, at approximately 10:00 on Tuesday, 2 October 2012, staff from the
Land Authority in Gaza, accompanied by the Palestinian Police, arrived at the governmental
lands located to the north of the “Bedouin” village in order to evict the
civilians who live in the area, many of them living in houses made of iron
sheets.  A number of civilians started
throwing stones at the policemen and the bulldozer which was leveling the land.  The policemen beat these civilians in
response, using clubs and sticks, combined with shooting.  As a result of the shooting, two children were
injured: Eyad Abdel Karim Abu Ghazalah, 16, injured by a bullet in the right
leg; and Mousa Said Abu Hashish, 17, injured by a bullet that penetrated both
his thighs. The two injured children were transported to Kamal ‘Edwan Hospital
in Beit Lahia to receive the necessary medical treatment.  The medical staff described their injuries as moderate.


PCHR condemns the excessive use of force by law enforcement officials
against the protesters:

calls upon the government in Gaza to prevent the use of live ammunition against
civilians by law enforcement officials, unless it is in accordance with the
international principles related to distinction and proportionality when using

calls upon the government to put in place a code of conduct for the law
enforcement officials which is conform international standards related to the
use of force;

calls upon the Public Prosecutor to open a serious investigation into the
circumstances of the injuring of the children by live bullets, and to publish
the investigation’s results.