Ref: 156/2012


The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
calls upon the General Attorney in Gaza to open a serious and thorough
investigation into the circumstances of the death of the detainee Atef Khamis Derbas,
52, a resident of Jabalya in the Gaza Strip, and to publish the results of the
investigation publicly.  Atef died
earlier in the morning today in Ansar Central prison in west of Gaza City,
where he was being held as a detainee. It should be noted that the detaining
authorities were aware that Atef was suffering from ailments in the heart and


According to information given by Atef’s family
to PCHR, at approximately 09:00 hours on Thursday, 27th December
2012, the Ministry of Interior and
National Security informed them of his death and that his body was transported
to Shifa Hospital in the Gaza City. 
Shawki Derbas, brother of the deceased, told a PCHR fieldworker, that
Atef was arrested 3 months ago by the Palestinian Police on the grounds of
financial obligations (reimbursing checks), and was detained in Jabalya police
station. He was later transferred to Ansar Central prison. Shawki added Atef
suffered from an arterial
 in the heart; bronchial asthma; and hypertension,
and his family had informed the police about his medical condition.  According to medical sources in the forensic
medicine department in Shifa Hospital, Atef died due the ailments in his heart
and chest.


In view of the
above, PCHR:


1- Calls upon the General Attorney and
the Ministry of Interior to immediately open a serious investigation into the
circumstances of the death of Atef Khamis Derbas, particularly in suspicions of
medical negligence, and
to publish the results of the
investigation publicly.

2- Emphasizes that the Palestinian
Authority is responsible for the life of all the prisoners and detainees being
held in its prisons; thus, it is responsible for protecting their dignity, as
well as providing adequate medical care for them, in accordance with Reform and
Rehabilitation Centers Law of 1998.

Stresses that the family of the detained has the right to claim for
compensation if negligence by the police to protect their son’s life is proven