Ref: 19/2014


The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
(PCHR) condemns the killing of two girls in Jabalia and Khan Younis last
Thursday by their relatives in a significant increase of the phenomenon of
violence against women in the oPt.  PCHR
calls upon the Public Prosecution to open a serious investigation into these
crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice. 
PCHR calls upon the government in Gaza to take the necessary measures in
order to put an end to violence against women.


According to investigations conducted
by PCHR and police sources, the first crime was committed on Thursday, 22
February 2014, as the Palestinian police received information about the burial
of a girl in al-Shuhadaa’ Cemetery, east of Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip,
without obtaining an official burial permit. 
The police immediately headed to the cemetery, where they found the
deceased girl’s family.  The police
exhumed the corpse of (S. N. M.) (17) after getting a permission  from the Public Prosecution and then
transferred the body to the Forensic Department in Shifa Hospital in Gaza
City.  According to medical sources in
the hospital, the girl died as a result of severe torture. Her body was covered
in bruises and wounds. In addition it appeared the girl had suffered from
severe gangrene and as a result had lost her lower limbs.  The Palestinian police arrested the father of
the girl and his second wife, due to pending investigation into the crime.  Police sources confirmed that the father of
the girl admitted to using violence against his daughter for years including
various forms of torture and had never provided any form of or access to
medical care.


In a separate incident in the evening
of the same Thursday, the body of (E. M. Sh.) (18) from Bani Sheila in the east
of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip arrived at Naser Hospital in the city
after having been stabbed with a sharp tool in the neck.  The Palestinian police immediately went to
the family’s house and arrested her brother on suspicion of being involved in
the murder.  An investigation has been opened
to look into the circumstances of the crime.


PCHR strongly condemns these murders


1. Calls upon the Public Prosecution
in Gaza to open a serious and in-depth investigation into both crimes and to
bring the perpetrators to justice; and

2. Calls upon the government in Gaza
to take the necessary measures in order to protect all  women and to avoid any further violence
against them.