Ref: 15/2006

Date:  02 May 2006


Rule of Law and Universal Jurisdiction Conference

Malaga –  Spain 2006

PCHR, in conjunction with FIDH, Hickman and Rose Solicitors and al Quds Association, organized a conference from 28-30 April 2006 in Malaga, Spain on universal jurisdiction, in order to support the rule of law and the struggle against impunity.

During the gathering, committed professionals – lawyers, human rights activists, representatives of NGOs and international solidarity committees- from the Americas, from Asia and from Europe, presented findings, and shared experiences, in universal jurisdiction cases spanning four continents.  

Participants in the conference reaffirmed their enduring commitment to developing universal jurisdiction remedies for violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.  They underlined their desire to construct a global society where justice for victims is privileged over victor’s justice.

These professionals intend to enhance their struggle against impunity and to relentlessly pursue, without favour, those responsible for violations of international law.

Seized by the urgency of justice, while painfully aware of the extensive damage done to the lives of victims of human rights violations across the world, and wishing to illustrate more than just good intentions, the conference resolved to continue activities in support of universal jurisdiction.

The overwhelming commitment on behalf of the participants will continue to manifest itself in ongoing activities: strengthening and expanding the networks working on the global campaign against impunity.

The campaign will continue by using all available international mechanisms for airing the cause of universal jurisdiction, including through the EU and the UN.

The participants of the conference called on the international community to use all legal mechanisms to pursue those accused of war crimes, irrespective of the nationality of the victim or the accused. 

Further, they requested the support of international civil society in strengthening the rule of law and preventing further erosion of established and accepted human rights norms.