Ref: 39/2006

Date:  31 July 2006


PCHR Starts the First Course of a Series on Women’s Rights

On 31 July 2006, PCHR’s Training Unit began the first training course in a series of courses on women’s rights and gender. The Centre is holding these courses in coordination with the Female Police Force in the Gaza Strip, as both sides have agreed to hold a series of courses for members of the Female Police Force this year.

The training course opened today will be held over a 4-day period from 31 July – 3 August 2006 with a total of 16 training hours. Twenty female police force members are participating in the course, held in PCHR’s training hall in Gaza City.

PCHR’s Director, Mr. Raji Sourani, opened the course with a speech about the importance of the female police force in protecting human rights, especially in light of the special status of women in Palestinian society. Sourani pointed to the need to increase human rights awareness of female police, and the positive impact of that on the situation of female prisoners. He stressed that the training course is an introduction about human rights, and that it is essential for contact between the trainees and the Centre to continue after the end of the current course.

The training course curricula includes topics specific to the rights of women including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, personal statute law, convention against torture, convention on the rights of the child, regulations governing the conduct of law enforcement personnel, and prisoners rights.

The trainers are specialized professionals from PCHR.