Ref: 49/2006

Date:  17 September 2006    


PCHR Publishes a New Edition of Al- Mentar Magazine

On Sunday, 17 September 2006, PCHR issued the latest edition of its periodical, “Al-Mentar,” covering issues 71 and 72 for July and August 2006. The magazine contained investigative reports, news stories, and PCHR news covering events over the two-month period.

This editions main focus was on the children victims killed in their homes throughout the current Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip. This main report included interviews with families of some of these victims, as well as their testimonies to PCHR’s lawyers and fieldworkers. The report also included statistics of children victims killed during Israeli military operations since 25 June 2006.

This edition of Al-Mentar also highlighted the concerns of residents of the northern Gaza Strip. An investigative report focused on the conditions of residents of El-Nada Buildings who were forced to evacuate their homes and take shelter in UNRWA schools in Jabalia refugee camp. Visits were conducted to these families to document their conditions and register their complaints.

The July-August 2006 edition Al-Mentar included a report on the destruction of civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, and its effects on the lives of the population. Another report covered the deteriorating economic conditions in light of the freeze of international aid and non-payment of government salaries.

One of the stories covered in this edition is that of a case handled by PCHR’s Women and Child Unit about a woman whose husband tried to murder by poisoning. The woman was deeply affected by the break up of her family. In addition, the magazine covered the story of Mohammad Abu Selmeyya (20) who lost nine members of his family in an Israeli bombardment of his house in Sheikh Radwan Quarter in Gaza City.

Al-Mentar interviewed Mr. Eoin Murray, an Irish peace activist and a former volunteer at PCHR. Murray, who now works in Trocaire in Ireland, gave his impressions about the situation in Palestine, his work at PCHR, and talked about Irish solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Finally, the magazine covered PCHR news over the past two months, including news of workshops, training courses, publications, and visitors.