Field Update

A child was shot and killed in Tulkarem Refugee Camp, northern West Bank, on Tuesday, 29 October 2019, in an incident that exemplifies the proliferation of weapons and assault on the rule of law in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

According to PCHR investigations, an armed group of three persons associated with and infamous for drug trade opened fire at a Palestinian citizen, and accidently shot and killed Rashid Moustafa Abbas (11) with a bullet to the head that exited through his eyeball. He died immediately. According to an eyewitness:

“While citizens gathered as usual near the camp entrance, the victim was standing outside his house with other children, we heard a sudden gunfire, at least 5 consecutive shots were fired and one hit Rashid by mistake as he was not the one targeted. As Rashid fell to the ground, everyone rushed to him and transferred him to the hospital but he was already dead.” He added that the shooters carry Israeli IDs and are infamous drug dealers and that they were targeting someone else who was near the victim. The eyewitness mentioned that the shooters fled the scene into Israel.

Colonel Loaui Irziqat, police spokesperson, said that security services were at the scene of the crime and that the prosecution have opened an investigation in the incident.

PCHR expresses its concern over the continued loss of lives due to the persistent phenomenon of weapons proliferation. The Centre calls upon concerned authorities to prosecute perpetrators, and to take necessary measures to safeguard citizens and enforce deterrence.