IOF continued the systematic attacks against local and international media personnel[1] working in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) despite the protection that journalists, as civilians, enjoy under international law. It is clear that the Israeli practices against journalists, including threats to their equipment and personal safety, are part of a well-planned scheme to isolate the oPt from the rest of the world and to provide cover-up for crimes against civilians[2].

This is the 21st edition of the “Silencing the Press” series issued by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR). It covers the period from 01 May 2018- 30 April 2019 and documents a significant escalation of Israeli attacks and violations against media personnel in the oPt. It includes detailed accounts of all Israeli attacks on media personnel and media institutions as documented by PCHR staff. This documentation is based on victims and eyewitnesses’ testimonies of PCHR’s field investigations.

During the reporting period, PCHR documented an increase in attacks against journalists (207) compared to those covered in our previous report (149). The Israeli attacks documented by PCHR include:

  • Shooting incidents against journalists and inflicting bodily harm on them;
  • Physical and verbal violence against journalists;
  • Preventing taking photos and covering incidents;
  • Detention and arrests;
  • Trial on grounds of journalistic work;
  • Deporting journalists, activists and human rights defenders under the pretext of “incitement against Terrorism”; and
  • Print ban on newspapers.

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[1] Media personnel includes journalists, reporters, cameramen and workers at press offices. All these categories will be referred to as «journalists» in this report.

[2] The isolation policy adopted by IOF is not limited to attacks and violations against media personnel, as IOF, for example, impose severe restrictions on the entry of internationals to the oPt, especially the Gaza Strip. This is also an attempt to isolate the oPt from the world in order to cover up the Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians.