Ref: 92/2019


Palestinian Civilian, Hendy Darwish al-Hoh (45) sustained a bullet wound in the head on Saturday, 27 July 2019, in an incident involving a police force interrupting a ceremony that involved fireworks at a Nablus restaurant. PCHR expresses its concern and asserts the importance of releasing investigation results and following proper legal course.


PCHR investigations indicate that the incident occurred at approximately 21:40 on Saturday, as a police force engaged with “A” family to stop them from using fireworks in their celebrations of their son’s high school graduation at Abu-‘Asfour restaurant and ballroom in Rafidia neighborhood in Nablus. A commotion started between police officers and some individuals who threw chairs at the officers; the latter responded by firing their guns in the air. As a result, Mr. al-Hoh sustained a bullet wound in the head and was transferred to Rafidia Governmental Hospital in a critical condition where he required immediate medical intervention and was taken to the operations room. According to an eyewitness testimony, ‘A.B.A (55), “… I was 20 meters away on my way to the party when I heard a shooting and saw a large crowd gathering in front of the restaurant, they were screaming that someone was shot on the second floor (i.e. the ballroom) where the party was being held. The victim was shot when he looked out the window to see what was happening, and the bullet landed in his head. He was transferred in an ambulance after things cooled down …”


Following that, Nablus Governor, Ibrahim Ramadan, declared that the Palestinian President and Prime Minister, Mohammed Ishtayeh, gave instructions to form an investigation committee of security officers and headed by the Intelligence Service in order to find out the incident’s circumstances in Nablus.


PCHR expresses its deep concern over the recurrence of such incidents and calls for opening a serious investigation into the incident, publishing the results and taking necessary legal action. PCHR affirms the right of the authorities to impose the law and prosecute violators and outlaws. Moreover, PCHR stresses the importance of restricting security forces’ to the shooting standards that oblige them to use firearm only in the cases of self-defence or imminent danger according to the principle of disproportionality stipulated in the international standards.