Ref: 1/2011


Monday 14 February 2011, the Training Unit and Women’s Rights Unit of the
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) concluded a training course on
litigation before Shari’a courts targeting
young lawyers. It is a part of the Women’s Rights Unit’s program aimed at
empowering young lawyers to litigate before
courts and defend women’s rights.


18-hour training course was held in PCHR’s main offices in Gaza City between 7
and 14 February 2011 (6 training days) with 23 female and male lawyers in


al-Shawa, Director of PCHR Women’s Rights Unit, explained that PCHR is keen to
increase the efficiency and develop the capacities and knowledge of lawyers who
wish to obtain the law practice certificate to be able to litigate before Shari’a courts. She added that the
targeted lawyers joined the training course because they wanted to benefit from
the expertise of the lawyers at PCHR Women’s Rights Unit. Al-Shawa stressed
that the training program was designed to assist the lawyers wishing to take
the exam for the Shari’a legal
practice certificates, which will be held on Wednesday 16 February 2011.


explained that the training program included the following topics: introduction
to Shari’a judiciary, Code of Shari’a Procedure, Family Law (marriage,
divorce, alimony, dowry, child custody, calling wives to the ‘House of
Obedience’), Family Rights Law, inheritance, instruments and bonds. A book
including all the relevant laws was distributed to trainees who have complained
of the lack of such books and laws in libraries.


Hasaneyeh, a lawyer at PCHR’s Women’s Rights Unit, thanked participants for
their commitment and effective and fruitful participation in the training
sessions. He further asked them to stay in contact with PCHR and PCHR’s Women’s
Rights Unit, ask for any assistance they need and to take advantage from the
expertise of PCHR staff.


specialized team of trainers from PCHR supervised the training sessions,
including Samir Hasaneyeh and Hanan Mattar, lawyers at PCHR’s Women’s Rights
Unit. In addition, Sheikh Said Abu al-Jabin, judge at the Shari’a Higher Court, participated in the supervision of the
training course. At the conclusion of the final day of training, certificates
were distributed to participants.