Ref: 22/2011



Mr. Raji Sourani, Director of the Palestinian
Center for Human Rights (PCHR) was elected as the President of Board of Trustees
of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, at the conclusion of the eight
general assembly of the Organization its head office in Cairo on 14 and 15
April 2011. The Board of Trustees of the
Organization and representatives of Arab organizations that are members of the
Organization participated in these meetings.


During the two-day meetings, the general
assembly discussed the latest political developments in the Arab World. The Board of Trustees also held it procedural
meeting and elected Mr. Rajai Sourani as President; Ms. Maha al-Barjas as Vice
President; Mr. Alaa’ Shalabi, as Secretary General of the Organizati0ons; Dr.
Hamed Fadlallah, as Treasurer; Dr. Hassan Mousa, Mr. Hafez Abu Sa’da and Ms.
N’ema Jom’a, as Members of the Executive Committee. 


The Arab Organization for Human Rights is a
leading regional human rights organizations, whose head office is in
Cairo. It was established in 1983 as a
non-governmental organization whose goal is to protect and promote human rights
in the Arab World in accordance with internally accepted human rights
standards. The Organization was granted
a consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council in 1989. The Organization also signed an office
agreement with the Egyptian government on 06 May 2000. The Organization includes dozens of member
organizations throughout the Arab World, including PCHR.


PCHR congratulates Mr. Raji Sourani for his
election as President of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Organization for
Human Rights, and believes that his election constitutes an appreciation for
the Palestinian human rights movement and its role in defending the Palestinian
and Arab human rights in the international arena.