Ref: 31/2011


On 16 May 2011, on the occasion of the visit to
Bethlehem of the President of the Republic of Italy, Mr Giorgio Napolitano, the
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), through the Italian General
Consulate in Jerusalem, has addressed an open letter to him, to urge his
personal engagement to help restore the rule of law in the occupied Palestinian
territory (oPt) after 44 years of illegal Israeli occupation.


In these days of commemorations of the 63rd
anniversary of the Nakba, PCHR is particularly concerned about the continuous
denial of the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian civilian population
under the long-standing Israeli occupation. 


In the West Bank, Palestinian civilian
population is subjected to a system of de facto apartheid while in occupied
East Jerusalem Israel is solidifying a long-process of ethnic cleansing through
unfettered settlement expansion, forced evictions, home demolitions and
revocation of residency status.


The civilian population of the Gaza Strip is
enduring the consequences of the illegal closure, in its fourth year now,
enacted by Israel as “economic warfare”. Such form of collective punishment
deprives the civilian population of their fundamental human rights such as
health and employment and has resulted in increased poverty and aid dependence.


The absence of the rule of law in the oPt has
given rise to a climate of pervasive impunity which shields perpetrators and
denies justice to protected persons.


The full letter is available here