Ref: 55/2011



On Monday evening, 19 September 2011, Raji Sourani, Director of the
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR, Hamdi Shaqqura, Deputy Director of
PCHR for Program Affairs, and Rami Abu Shaban, PCHR’s Financial Officer, met a
delegation of Oxfam Novib comprised of: Catherine Essoyan, Oxfam Novib Bureau Head
for Middle East and Maghreb; and Tim Holmes, Oxfam Novib Country Director –
Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel.


The meeting discussed the human rights situation in the Occupied
Palestinian Territory (OPT) in and continued Israeli violations of human
rights. The meeting also addressed
developments in the Arab region in light of revolutions and the effects of
change in the Arab world, in addition to the repercussions of the continued
Palestinian division and its impact on Palestinians and their human rights.


Earlier, on 15 September 2011, PCHR hosted in its head office in
Gaza City the meeting held by Oxfam Novib with its partners in the Gaza
Strip. Representatives of Oxfam Novib in
the meeting were: Bettina Huber, Country Representative – Occupied Palestinian
Territories and Israel; Tom van der Lee, Director of Campaigns; and Vivian Korsten, Director of Programs. Oxfam Novib’s partners in the Gaza Strip that
attended the meeting were: PCHR,
represented by Hamdi Shaqqura, Deputy Director of PCHR for Program Affairs,
Jaber Wishah, Director of PCHR’s Branch Offices, and Rami Abu Shaban, PCHR’s
Financial Officer; Union of Health Relief Committees represented by its
director, Dr. Aaed Yaghi; Culture and Free Though Center represented by its
public relations officer, Majed al-Saqqa; Union of Agricultural Relief
Committees represented by Ahmed Sourani; Women’s Affairs Center represented by
its director, Naela Ayesh; Democracy and Worker’s Rights Center represented by
its director Karem Nashwan; and Ma’an Development center represented by its
acting director, Luai al-Wehaidi.


The meeting aimed at informing Oxfam Novib’s partners about the
newly developed decentralized administration, the most significant aspect of
which with regard to the work in the OPT is that the organization’s office in
Jerusalem will be the center point of its activities with its partners in the
area instead of its office in the Hague. The meeting discussed also issues relating to partnership with Oxfam
Novib and its strategic dimensions. 


It should be noted that Oxfam Novib is a Dutch development
organization that is particularly interested in combating poverty and
supporting human rights around the world. It supports activities of development and democratic reform in the Arab
World, and funds 850 partner organizations in developing countries.


Oxfam Novib has been a major partner of PCHR since its establishment
in 1995. It has contributed to funding
PCHR and its programs.