Ref: 60/2011


Raji Sourani, Director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) will
deliver a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School entitled “Closure, Accountability,
and the Split: Gaza Today”. The lecture is hosted by the MIT/ Harvard Gaza
Working Group, which includes the Middle East Initiative, Harvard Kennedy
School; Middle East Forum, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard
University; Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School; Carr Center for Human
Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; and the Center for International
Studies, MIT.


On Monday, 3 October, Mr. Sourani
spoke at the Harvard Law School, at an event hosted by the Harvard Human Rights
Law Clinic. While in Boston, Mr. Sourani also conducted a number of interviews
and meetings.


On 29 and 30 September, PCHR’s
delegation also visited Washington D.C. Mr. Sourani conducted a number of
interviews, including with Japanese TV, Russia TV, and the Associated Press.
Daragh Murray, PCHR’s International Legal Officer also gave a talk at American
University, on the topic of human rights and Palestine, focusing on
accountability and the enforcement of the rule of law. Congressional meetings
were also conducted, as were meetings with a number of other civil society
organisations. Mr. Sourani then met with the staff of the Robert F. Kennedy
Memorial Centre, and gave a talk on PCHR’s work and the situation in Palestine.


The focus of the mission has been on
highlighting the human rights situation in Palestine, and stressing the urgent
need for accountability and enforcement of the rule of law. The requirements of
international law must be upheld regardless of any political considerations or


The visit to Washington D.C. was
undertaken in conjunction with the International Federation for Human Rights
(FIDH), Project Engage, and BADIL and Al Haq.