Ref: 62/2011


On Wednesday, 04 October 2011, the Palestinian
Center for Human Rights (PCHR)
received a delegation from the Swedish Kvinna till Kvinna in its head office in
Gaza City. The delegation was comprised of Lena Ag,
Secretary-General of Kvinna till Kvinna, Anna Björkman and Linda Öhman. 


Members of the delegation met with Mr. Hamdi Shaqqura, Deputy
Director of PCHR for Program Affairs, and Ms. Muna Shawa, Director of PCHR Women’s
Rights Unit. The meeting addressed the
human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israeli
violations of Palestinian human rights. It also discussed the impact of the Palestinian political split on the
living conditions of the Palestinian population and on PCHR’s work. PCHR representatives stressed the need to
promote an environment of reconciliation and the importance of European support
to ensure its success. 


The meeting further addressed the Palestinian move at the United Nations
to achieve recognition of Palestinian statehood. In this context, PCHR representatives
explained PCHR’s position towards this step, considering it a legitimate demand
derived from the fundamental right of peoples to self-determination, especially
in the light of accelerated Israeli settlement activities in the West Bank, and
efforts to create irreversible realities on the ground and remove the Arab
character from Palestinian areas. On the
other hand, PCHR expressed concerns regarding the legal and political status of
the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the status of Palestinian refugees
and their inalienable right to return.


Following the meeting, PCHR organized a field tour for members of
the delegation in the northern Gaza Strip, enabling them to observe the living
conditions of the Palestinian population. The delegation’s visit to the Gaza Strip was concluded today.